Write With Adora

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What is “Write With Adora?” WWA is an online literary magazine, curated by author, student, and teacher Adora Svitak (www.adorasvitak.com), updated with literary criticisms, book reviews, short stories, poetry, and creative nonfiction. It’s a place for young and old to read, write, and publish.

I want to write for WWA. How do I submit work? Just click the “Submit” button. Make sure that what you’re submitting is polished. We’ll contact you if we want you to make some changes. Thanks for submitting!

By submitting to WWA, please remember that you’re giving Adora permission to edit your work (never changing the meaning of the writing, of course, but possibly light stylistic and/or proofreading changes). Please make sure your writing is final draft-quality before you submit it to ensure a smoother process. Thanks!